Generate Codes

The pb gen command is to generate code.

pb gen schema

You can generate schema representation in json with specifying protobuf files.

pb gen schema a.proto b.proto

Also with appropriate options, you can generate json more easily.

  • --entry-path <dir>: you can generate with all protobuf files under the specified directory.
  • --proto-path <dir>: you can specify the directory in which to search for imports.

So in most of use cases, you can use just below commands to generate json.

pb gen schema --entry-path=".pollapo"

pb gen ts

There are some additional options to generate typescript library. The base options are equal to pb gen json.

pb gen ts a.proto b.proto

Here are the options:

  • -o, --out-dir <dir>: The output directory. defaults to out.
  • --runtime-dir <dir>: The output directory name for runtime. defaults to runtime.
  • --messages-dir <dir>: The output directory name for messages. defaults to messages.
  • --services-dir <dir>: The output directory name for services. defaults to services.
  • --index-filename <filename>: Specify the filename for re-exporting module. defaults to index.
  • --ext-in-import <dir>: Specify the file extension in import statement. defaults to .ts.
  • --runtime-package <package>: The external runtimes you want to rely on instead of codegen.

We recommend you to use below command to generate typescript library.

pb gen ts --entry-path=".pollapo" --out-dir="generated" --ext-in-import=" "