Setup Pollapo

Login first

After installing the pollapo cli, you have to login to the Github using pollapo.
pollapo installs your protobuf packages from Github repository.

pollapo login

Install protobuf dependency

For add dependency, you have to just pollapo add <package-name>@<version|branch|commit> and say yes to the pollapo cli to create new pollapo.yml file. Here is an example:

pollapo add pbkit/interface-pingpong-server@main

Now you can see the pollapo.yml file in your project root.

  - pbkit/interface-pingpong-server@main
    pbkit/interface-pingpong-server@main: 58425678c6284305dd09130075cecb54a3a3d32c

The dependency infos and the lock hash of the packages will be printed in pollapo.yml. (The hash can be different!) This will resolve the version issue of the packages when you re-install deps with branch name.

Installed protobuf packages

Use pollapo install to re-install your all deps. You can find installed protobuf packages in .pollapo directory.

If you want to update your lock version of dependency, just remove the lock line and re-install with pollapo install.

Perfect! Now you can use pb cli to compile the protobuf schema.